Letterhead Templates

It is a fact that the letterhead template is used by a large corporation to a small business owner. The Letterhead template provides a very important service to the corporation and small business owner. It provides a way for the writer to design a professional looking document that has all the companies important contact information that identifies the company. For example, company name, address, email address, website. This information is usually located at the head of the document. A professionally designed letterhead is very important to the corporation or small business owner’s professional image.

Of course, there are companies and individuals who would prefer to let a professional draft a letterhead template for them. This type of service is quite costly for the small start up or solo business owner. Instead, it is easy to draft a letterhead with a professional quality letterhead template. This will certainly save a lot of headaches, hassles, and money. It is also an easy way to design several letterheads for future use and decrease total expenses.

Fortunately, it is possible to download a free letterhead template from this site. Simply download the letterhead straight to your computer. Save to file. Start drafting your first letterhead within minutes. Save the letterhead for future use.

Here are a few important tips to make sure that the letterhead produced looks very professional. Print the letterhead on high quality paper. Purchase the best quality stationary that you can afford. Stay with basic business colors like white, grey, off white, blue, beige. Do not go for the outlandish, unless you work in that type of industry. Remember that your professional reputation is at stake. A professional looking letterhead will create a great first impression.

Follow the outline on the letterhead template, but don’t be afraid to customize a few of the features to match the company more specifically. Keep the letterhead simple, but elegant. Change the fonts to create a more dramatic style or unique touch.

Get started now by downloading your free letterhead template and feel free to visit our other business templates. We hope these letterhead templates will help you very much. Here you can visit our more free letterhead templates.

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