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Christmas (Latin: Nativitas, “birth”)? is one of the most important Christian festival, along with Easter and Pentecost, because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

It begins with the Nativity or Christmas Day, which is celebrated on December 25 by the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church, and on 7 January in the Orthodox Church, as it did not accept the Gregorian calendar, which reformed the Julian calendar Roman times.

English speakers use the term Christmas, meaning ‘Mass (mass) of Christ’. In some Germanic languages, such as German, the festival is called Weihnacht, meaning ‘blessed night’. The Christmas holidays are proposed, as the name suggests, celebrate the Nativity (ie birth) of Jesus of Nazareth on earth.

It is also customary to place Christmas trees, pine trees that are trimmed as spheres and lights. Below this is a birth place, ie a representation of how Jesus was born. It is noteworthy that the figure of the baby Jesus should not be placed until it is December 25. In each country varies the way of celebrating Christmas, as each their own traditions.

Here is a simple and clear sheet of Christmas Gift List in the theme of Santa Claus.Easy an quicker to use and easy to editable..

Features :

  • Editable Microsoft Word Christmas Gift List Template
  • Printable Microsoft Word Christmas Gift List Template
  • Online Microsoft Word Christmas Gift List Template
  • Custom Settings Microsoft Word Christmas Gift List Template

Use of Template :

  • Christmas Event Gift List Template

Christmas Gift List Template,

Free list of gifts on chrismas

Christmas to Do List Template,

Here this one is Christmas to-do list.Christmas is a very impotent event and there is just one time for this event in full year.Anyone don’t wanna forget any enjoyable activity.this list’ll help in that case easy and quicker to custom and printable.Just need to add Description in the description box and after doing the work check the box with the sign of true and false.

never forget to manage any thing on this christmas

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